Pre-AP®High School English

For grade levels: High School Grades 9-10 Pre-AP® English

This course will acquaint participants with activities and strategies that will help prepare their students for the challenges of upper-level AP courses.  Attendees will have opportunities to practice with reading, rhetoric, writing, and discussion strategies that will foster deeper analysis and critical thinking.  In addition, participants will work with ways to modify AP® materials and develop scoring guides and rubrics that better meet Pre-AP abilities.  This course is targeted toward the high school Pre-AP® teacher who seeks activities that will provide a practical foundation for AP Language and Literature expectations.

Pre-AP® is a registered trademark of the College Board, which was not involved in the development and delivery of this professional development. 

The goals of the four-day session are to assist participants with:

  • Developing foundation skills for AP Literature and Language
  • Analyze approaches for vocabulary and literary dissection
  • Recognize strategies for reading, analysis, writing, and discussion questioning
  • Modify materials and exams for Pre-AP
  • Develop of scoring guides and rubrics
  • Practice activities in grammar, usage, and syntax
  • Appraise different tone analysis techniques
  • Create M/C questions for a piece of literature

Participants should bring the following:

All participants will need to bring a lap top.  Most participant materials will be digital. 

A piece of literature you will implement either semester (no poems, please.)

Course Outline (Subject to Change):

Day 1

  • Vertical teaming ideas and goals
  • Overview of AP expectations and role of Pre-AP
  • Literary terms/connecting to meaning
  • Discussion question types

Day 2

  • Scoring essays
  • Pre-AP Essay writing
  • Style awareness
  • Modifying AP tests for Pre-AP
  • Rubric creation and use

Day 3

  • Grammar, usage, mechanics, spelling, etc.
  • Tone
  • Syntax

Day 4

  • Rhetorical Triangle and Appeals
  • SOAPSTone and poetry
  • Vocabulary in the Pre-AP classroom
  • M/C question creation
  • Odds and Ends


Patricia Conquest With degrees (B.A. and M.S.) from Purdue University and additional course work at UT-Austin, Pat Conquest has taught a wide variety of levels and courses in her 35 years in the classroom, the last 13 of which included the sophomore Pre-AP® area.