AP® Studio Art - 2D and Drawing (Session Full; Accepting Waitlist)

This four-day workshop is intended to provide the participant with an overview of the Advanced Placement Studio Art Program, with emphasis placed on the development and strengthening of AP Studio Art courses in Drawing and  2-D Design. Additionally, participants will be introduced to changes in the curricular requirements for each of the portfolios to be implemented in the 2019 school year, as well as strategies for adapting to those curricular revisions.

The workshop will include: 

  • An introduction to the College Board's Advanced Placement Program
  • Discussion of Teacher Resources – including College Board Advanced Placement materials, APCentral, books, internet sites, and museums
  • A review of the College Board's mission of Equity and Access
  • Distinguishing the three Studio Art Portfolios – Drawing, 2-D Design, and 3-D Design
  • The AP Studio Art Curricular Redesign –  thorough examination of the changes to AP Studio Art
  • Process vs. Product – ideas for documenting student process
  • Reflective Writing – how to develop effective writing skills to accurately reflect a student’s intent and process
  • Ideas for initiating, developing, and sustaining interest in the Sustaind Investigation
  • Grading the AP Studio Art Portfolios – including an examination of the scoring guidelines and sample scoring session
  • Participant sharing of Best Practices, Classroom Tips, Successful Lessons
  • Hands-on studio activities

Participants should bring the following:

Participants will be asked to share Best Practices, Classroom Tips, Successful Lessons with the group. While this is not manditory it makes for a more engaging week if everyone contributes. You do not have to have a written lesson, you may just present your lesson and show examples.

Basic art making supplies will be provided. If you have a preferred “tool box” of your favorite supplies, feel free to bring it.

Course Outline (Subject to Change):


  • Introductions
  • Review mission of the College Board's Advanced Placement Program: Access and Equity
  • Review College Board resources for the AP Studio Art instructors
  • Overview of the Course Audit and Submission Process
  • Review the AP Studio Art Program – the Drawing and 2-D Design portfolios and their requirements
  • New developments in AP Studio Art
  • The AP Reading in Studio Art 2019– Facts and Figures
  • Introduction to the hands-on studio activities


  • The AP Studio 2-D Design Portfolio
  • Review samples of the revised portfolios – Samples, Writing, and Rubrics
  • Participant sharing of best practices
  • Process vs. Product
  • Hands-on studio activity:


§The AP Studio Art: Drawing Portfolio

  • Introducing, developing, and sustaining the Sustained Investigation  – participant strategies
  • Participant sharing of best practices
  • Hands-on studio activity

Thursday August 3

  • The Critique:  How to Get Students Talking and Writing About Art
  • Vertical Teaming for AP Success
  • Participant sharing of best practices
  • Hands-on studio activity
  • Evaluations and wrap-up

We hope to include a visit to the Blanton Museum during the institute.

Disclaimer:  This agenda is subject to change based on the individual needs of our participants…be flexible.


Charlotte Chambliss Charlotte Chambliss is an experienced instructor in both AP Art History and AP Studio Art, Charlotte served as Faculty Reader, Table Leader, and Question Leader at the ETS/College Board reading from 2000-2014.