AP® English Literature and Composition

Participants will study the skills and strategies necessary to prepare high school students for success in AP© Literature and Composition classes. The course materials allow participants to explore the AP© Course and Exam Description, the AP© Exam, and the AP© Classroom resources that help teachers plan and focus instruction. The sessions will emphasize activities involving higher-order thinking skills and student-centered teaching. Emphasis will also be placed on each of the main areas of the Literature exam—the multiple-choice questions, poetry essay, prose essay, and “open” essay—and different ways to prepare our students with the skills they will need for success on the AP© test. Collaboration on strategies, practice test-taking, analyzing readings and sharing best practices will be encouraged as well as applying the scoring guidelines from the most recent AP© exam to student samples. 

Topics will include, but are not limited to the following: 

  • Close reading and annotation 
  • Reading for analysis and deeper understanding 
  • Writing about literature, including both timed and process writing 
  • The content of the Advanced Placement test in Literature and Composition 
  • Connecting device to meaning in both prose and poetry Using visual texts and graphic representation to aid student understanding Overview of the Course and Exam Description material from College Board. Examination of the AP© Course and Exam Description. 

Participants should bring the following:

  • Sticky notes 
  • Highlighters 
  • Open and willing mind 


Jerry Brown Jerry Brown, a graduate of Abilene Christian University and Texas Christian University, has been teaching for over fifty years. His professional classroom experience spans small to large schools, private to public schools, and early childhood to college aged students. He holds certifications in English, music, theatre, and speech. He has taught music, speech, theatre, television production, and debate as well as acting and directing in various productions in school, community, and professional theatre and television.