AP® World History

The APSI will focus on teaching the historical thinking skills and preparing students for successful completion of the AP World History exam.  The week will be a combination of pedagogy, interactive lesson development and test preparation.  We will develop a syllabus and focus on pacing our course using the new curriculum framework as our guide.  We will focus on the new DBQ, Short Answer Questions, and the Multiple Choice sections of the exam. 

Participants should bring the following:

Teachers will receive numerous resources; please bring a laptop or tablet. Most participant materials will be digital.

Course Outline (Subject to Change):

Day 1-Introductions/AP History Practices and Skills /Understanding the Structure of the Course Framework/Reading Comprehension activity (Inner outer circle)/Historical Reasoning Skill of Comparison (Comparison Activity) HOMEWORK-Bring your favorite primary and secondary source.

Day 2-Analyzing Primary and Secondary Sources/Writing Thesis Statements and the Document Based Question!  Multiple Choice and writing our own Multiple Choice questions and mini-DBQ’s!  Historical Skill of Change and Continuity. HOMEWORK-Bring your favorite Political Cartoon!

Day 3-The Short Answer Question/Long Essay Question/ Historical Thinking Skill of Causation and Argument Development.  Review samples from the 2018 exam. HOMEWORK-Bring your favorite lesson!

Day 4-Bringing Skills and Content!  Share Best Practices and lessons and syllabus development!!


Christine Bond currently teaches Advanced Placement (AP) United States History and AP World History at Edmond Memorial High School, in Edmond OK.   She has taught AP United States History since 1998 and AP World History since 2007.  She holds a Masters degree in Education Administration (M.Ed.) and is a National Board Certified Teacher (NBCT).