AP® US Government and Politics

The course will focus on the development of content for each of the five units of the new re-design as established in the course outline, as well as the use of essential questions, course objectives, learning activities, teaching strategies, and the interplay of multiple resources. Emphasis will be placed on preparing students for the AP® examination. An analysis of past AP® examinations will be included, as well as a review of the standards established for grading the annual exams. A major portion of the course is devoted to the development of units for an AP® Government and Politics course by participants including the resources necessary for the implementation of such a course.  Additional instruction will be provided on lesson preparation, block teaching strategies, and the use of internet based assignments.  The course will provide assistance for those instructors who teach the AP ®US Government and Politics course for one high school semester as well as for an entire year. 

The goals of the four-day session are to assist participants with:

To have teachers leave with a guideline for a well rounded course including scope and sequence, structure, activities, FRQs, discussion points, analysis of quantitative data etc after a week of collaboration. 

Participants should bring the following:

All participants will need to bring a lap top.  Most participant materials will be digital. 

Please bring your textbook you plan on using in your class and an activity or lesson plan that you feel has worked particularly well in your own classroom. 

Course Outline (Subject to Change):

This AP Summer Institute will provide a comprehensive review of all aspects of the AP Course and Exam for American Government and Politics.  The workshop will include practice in the grading of the exam and best methods for students to achieve a passing score.

Day One:  

            Introductions and Introduction Exercise (FRQ format)

            AP Equity and Access policy

            Opening Day Class Activities

            About the exam itself / AP Central and Community Boards and Audit

            Unit 1 Foundations

Day Two:

            Various Homework Assignment Methods

            FRQ List

            Grade Conversion

            Civil Rights and Civil Liberties

            Case Assignment Projects

            Multiple Choice Exam Questions

Day Three:

            The Branches of Government / Unit 3

            FRQ Questions and Scoring

            Polling, Parties, Campaigns, Media / Units 4 and 5

Day Four

            Public Policy and Financial Issues

            FRQ Questions and Scoring

            After the Exam Project Choice Board



Noah Lipman Noah Lipman, Esq. is a retired trial attorney who has taught at the law school, college and high school level.  From 2004-2018 he was a professor at Monmouth University in the history department, where his courses were cross listed with the political science and business departments.  He was also the CO-AP® Coordinator at Long Branch High School, a Title I urban district school in New Jersey,  where he taught AP® American Government and Politics; AP® US History; and AP® Macro Economics.  He created and maintained a dual credit program with Monmouth University for the