AP® Statistics

This AP Statistics course will highlight topics from the four basic content areas for new and less experienced statistics teachers focusing on content.  We will follow a yearly calendar and integrate activities with demonstration problems and PowerPoint possibilities. 

The goals of the four-day session are to assist participants with:

  • Gain sufficient content knowledge for all required AP Statistics topics
  • Discovery activities will be introduced and discussed to foster deeper student understanding
  • Technology will focus on the graphing calculator and effective use PowerPoints and internet applets.
  • Fathom software will be presented as an optional supplement to the curriculum
  • Discussion of supplemental materials, AP grading, differentiated instruction and ideas to building an AP Statistics program.

Participants should bring the following:

  • TI-84 or equivalent calculator
  • Pen drive to download related files
  • Participants may want to bring a laptop to use

Course Outline (Subject to Change):


  • Sampling design, experimental design
  • Univariate data: graphical displays, numerical representations
  • Bivariate data: linear and nonlinear regression


  • Classic probability: independence, conditional probability
  • Random variables: transforming and combining
  • Binomial and geometric distributions


  • Normal distribution
  • Sampling distributions and Central Limit Theorem
  • Confidence intervals: proportions and t-intervals


  • Test of significance: proportions and t-tests
  • Two population procedures
  • Chi-squared procedures
  • Inference for linear regression
  • AP grading


Richard Cowles Richard Cowles graduated from the University of Texas and began in his education career in Central Africa with the United States Peace Corps.  He spent three years in Chad in the village of Pala teaching middle school mathematics.  Since starting the AP Statistics program at McCallum High School, Richard has built the program into one of the largest in the Austin school district.