AP® Spanish Language and Culture

This workshop is for new and experienced AP teachers who want to prepare students to advance in the study of the Spanish language. We will focus on the current course and exam format. Participants will become familiar with the themes that explore connections among language, literature, and culture through diverse global perspectives. In addition, participants will explore various sample activities applicable to various levels of second language acquisition.

Participants should bring the following:

Laptop or tablet; USB (memory stick); highlighters, pens.

Course Outline (Subject to Change):


  • Assessing needs and background of participants
  • College Board Equity Policy
  • Overview of the Course Description


Tuesday - Thursday:

  • Exam format and required tasks
  • Foundations of Advanced Placement
  • Developing and integrating the three modes of communication; Interpretive, Interpersonal and Presentational.
  • Teaching AP Spanish Language and Culture across themes.  Using the recommended contexts, developing new ideas.
  • Putting the Curriculum Framework into practice.
  • Teaching and Developing Culture in the AP Spanish Language and Culture Course.
  • Building an AP Program, how to involve all teachers, developing an AP Vertical Team.
  • Instructional Design and Management
  • Using authentic resources.
  • Building proficiency across modes of communication.
  • Developing vocabulary skills.
  • Integrating literature in the AP Spanish Language and Culture course.
  • Using project-based learning a way to integrate and develop language skills.
  • Brainstorm what authentic resources already in use can be adapted to the course.
  • Brainstorm a possible focus as well as contexts and essential questions for specific known authentic resources.
  • Interact and exchange known resources, activities and thematic units.
  • Interact and brainstorm what formative and summative assessments to use with specific thematic units.
  • Draft or revise a syllabus that includes prescribed curricular requirements for the course.


Raquel R. González taught sophomore English and all levels of Spanish. She is currently department head of the Languages Other Than English Department at Odessa High School and an IB and AP Spanish teacher. She has been an AP reader for the Spanish Language exam for the past 17 years and a College Board endorsed consultant since 2012. She holds a BS in Education from The University of Texas at Austin. She is an El Paso/Cd. Juárez native, is married to Tony González, and has 2 children, Jonathan and Luis Antonio.