AP® Physics C: Mechanics and E&M [Combined] (Online)

The AP Physics: Mechanics and E&M Summer Institute is designed to help teachers build the foundation for a successful AP Physics program.

Emphasis will be placed on the rigor of the material that students need to be successful on the AP Physics C exams. We will pay special attention to the mathematics skills (algebra, trigonometry and of course calculus) needed for the exams.

Laboratory investigations will be incorporated throughout the workshop, with special emphasis on transitioning your laboratory into a guided-inquiry based program.  We will also focus on the exam and how best to prepare your students for it.  We will review the requirements for the course audit and the syllabus requirements. 

Time will be allotted for best practices and for sharing ideas as a group. 

As an AP Physics C: Mechanics and E&M workshop, options will be presented during each activity to help prepare you to teach either or both courses. So no matter what combination of the two C exams you prepare your students for, this workshop is for you! 

What you will learn

  • AP Physics C: Mechanics and E&M Course and Exam Descriptions
  • Hand-on Inquiry Labs
  • Parts of the AP Exam and Question Types
  • Mathematic skills needed for the exams
  • Learning Objectives and Science Practices
  • Planning and Pacing

How you will benefit

  • Develop a course pacing guide by unit/topic to incorporate the full scope of your AP Physics course into your school's academic calendar
  • Examine formative and summative assessment item types to identify and explain how pairings of content and science practices are the focus of instruction and also the targets of the AP Physics C exams
  • Practice applying the scoring rubrics from the most recent AP Physics C exam to actual samples of student work
  • Acquire ready-to-use strategies and pedagogical tools to use in your AP Physics class
  • Design and complete guided inquiry laboratory experiments


Oather Strawderman Oather Strawderman has taught Physics in Lawrence Kansas since 1997.  He currently serves as the Science Department Chair at Lawrence Free State High School.  His teaching experience includes all forms of AP Physics.  He has worked as a Question Leader, Table Leader and Reader at the annual AP Physics Reading in June since 2012.  As a result of his experience as a Reader he has had the opportunity to be an item writer and reviewer for the AP Physics 1, 2 and C exams, including as a member of the AP Physics Instructional Design Team helping to develop the resources on AP Cla