AP® Macroeconomics

Wait, what... I’m teaching AP Macroeconomics? DON’T PANIC! David Mayer will provide you with all the resources you need to not only survive teaching this challenging subject, but to actually understand it and maybe even enjoy it. In Texas, most AP Macroeconomics teachers come with little if any formal background in the content (misery enjoys company), so David will teach YOU macroeconomics, so you can turn it around and teach your students. 

Disclaimer: I’m not going to lie. At times, during the four days, you may feel like you’re drinking from a fire hydrant, but in the end, you will be equipped to teach this course.

Course Outline (Subject to Change):

Day One:

  • Introductions/Materials 
  • Scarcity, Choice, and Trade
  • Money 

Day Two:

  • Product and Factor Markets 
  • Financial Markets 

Day Three:

  • Measuring Economic Health 
  • Analyzing Macroeconomic Changes 
  • Digital Resources 

Day Four:

  • Analyzing Macroeconomic Changes (continued) 
  • Stabilization Policy 
  • Preparing for the AP Macroeconomics Exam 
  • Closing comments and evaluation


David Mayer David Mayer was raised in a German-American, gestalt/Zen Buddhist commune by Jungian psychologists, David Mayer went on to attend Texas A&M University surprisingly enough where he earned his degree in economics. After a 12 year stint as a special educator, David was thrown into the world of AP Macroeconomics. David’s bizarre passion for the subject translated into an almost cult-like obsession with teaching AP Macroeconomics to the masses.