AP® Human Geography

This course will focus on helping teachers prepare to teach an AP Human Geography class . Employing a blend of content presentations, effective teaching strategies, and technology, the Institute will provide an overview of the systematic study of patterns and processes that have shaped human understanding, use, and alteration of Earth’s surface. In addition, strategies to help students prepare for the writing rigor of AP classes will be addressed. All materials are updated for 2018.


  • The role literature plays in the geography classroom
  • Using current events daily to strengthen critical-level thinking
  • Strategies to create an exciting, innovative classroom atmosphere
  • Incorporating writing methods that actually improve students' skills
  • Tapping your local resources to bring the world into your classroom

Participants should bring the following:

All participants will need to bring a lap top.  Most participant materials will be digital. 

Course Outline (Subject to Change):


Historical perspective of Geography, College Board aims

Nature and Perspectives of APHG

Introduction of Demographics and Migration

PRB Data Sheet, websites and technology, modeling lesson plans


Questions of the Day, Introduction of ESPN and HIE

Articles that complement classroom time and high level-critical thinking skills

Guest speaker, TBA

Discussion of how to use local resources and archives

Introduction of Culture- pop and folk examples


Questions of the Day, continuation of culture- music (rap, K-Pop, rock and roll, blues)

Field Trip- TBA

Geopolitics, articles, including unintended consequences of naming issues; ISIS


Guest Speaker- TBA

Questions of the Day, Agriculture Unit

Articles reinforcing ESPN and HIE, Industry and Economics Unit

Urbanization Unit with recommendations for enhancing student retention of material

APHG Test, FRQ, Resources, Projects, Ancillary materials



Fee: $535


Dorothy Cassetta