AP® European History

This interactive session is designed to support both new and experienced teachers of Advanced Placement® European History. The course will cover both the content and pedagogy of teaching AP® European History. The session will include conversations on improving student engagement, student performance on the AP® exam, and the content outlined in the key concepts and themes of the Course and Exam Description

Participants can expect to explore and evaluate best practices as well as content. Historical content will include the most recently added theme of technology as well as other topics. Teaching strategies will include how to scaffold and develop historical thinking skills as well as document analysis. We will also focus on essay writing as well as take a look an in-depth look at the different elements of AP® exam; specific emphasis will be placed on the DBQ, the long essay, and the short answer questions. Participants will also explore classroom and online resources to support their practice.

Participants should bring the following:

Participants should bring sticky notes, pens, highlighters, a laptop with power cords and a USB drive. Participants are also encouraged to bring a lesson that has worked well to share with the entire group.

Course Outline (Subject to Change):

Monday AM

  • Introductions
  • Equity and Access
  • Materials (Google Drive) and Acronyms
  • Benefits/Challenges of Teaching AP
  • College Board Resources
  • Exam Format and Breakdown
  • The Curriculum Framework

Monday PM

  • Pacing the Course (Time Periods and Units), Learning Objectives, Disciplinary Practices, Reasoning Skills,
  • LEQ Sample Discussion—Content and Skills
  • Understanding the Themes
  • Understanding Learning Objectives
  • Using the Concept Outline —Key Concepts and Learning Objectives
  • The Skills:  Causation, Continuity and Change, and Comparison
    • Skill Activity—Images

Tuesday AM & PM

  • Historical Thinking Skill: Argumentation
  • Analyzing Evidence
    • Working with Primary and Secondary Sources
  • Content
  • Key Dates
  • Summer Assignments?
  • Activities and Materials
  • Multiple-Choice Questions
  • The Short Answer Question (SAQ)

Wednesday AM

  • Constructing Historical Arguments—Teaching Writing
  • Contextualization
  • A Sample Read—The LEQ

Wednesday PM

  • The DBQ

Thursday AM/PMBest Practice/Lesson Plan due    

  • The DBQ
  • Exploring the newest theme: Technology
  • Best Practices
  • Brainstorm—Concepts Hardest to Grasp


Fee: $535


Kathryn Fuelling Metcalf Kathryn (Kat) Metcalf is in her 27th year as a social studies education. She is a teacher at Keller High School in Keller ISD in the northern suburbs of Fort Worth. She moved to Texas 6 years ago. Prior to her move, she spent the first 20 years of her career teaching in Minnesota. In addition to 19 years of experience teaching AP® European History, Kathryn has served as a reader, table leader and question leader at the AP® Reading since 2003. She has also served as an item writer as contracted by ETS.