AP® English Language and Composition

This course will articulate the new course framework for the AP Language and Composition Exam.  Specific instruction and time will be allotted to look at course development using the framework.  Participants will explore ways to improve and enhance an AP Language and Composition high school English course and will share ideas on how to develop lessons for major units to reflect AP goals and the new course framework.  Participants will also discuss the AP Language and Composition exam and how to best relate AP goals to future student success beyond the exam.

Participants will explore ways to improve and enhance an AP English course by focusing on the following items:

  • Course Framework
  • Close reading
  • Annotating the text
  • Analyzing and Author’s Style
  • Attacking an AP Prompt
  • Developing personal voice in writing
  • Methods for working with non-fiction texts and analysis
  • Creative ways to teach literary analysis

*AP® is a registered trademark of the College Board.  Used with permission.


Yvonne Kaatz Yvonne Kaatz teaches 11th grade AP English Language and Composition and 10th-grade Pre-AP English at Dripping Springs High School in Dripping Springs, Texas.  She has taught 9th- and 10th-grade Pre-AP English for the last 29 years. For the past 15 years, she has presented at one- and two-day conferences for the College Board, and in 2006 at the AP National Conference.