AP® Biology

This workshop is designed for new and experienced AP Biology teachers who are eager to learn about instructional strategies that will help implement the re-designed AP Biology curriculum and the curriculum framework.  Included will be discussion of the curriculum, the exam, and the laboratory investigations.  Inquiry-based instruction and assessment strategies that merge content and science practices will be utilized.  Issues of equity and access in the AP classroom and program will be addressed throughout.  The agenda can, and will be, reasonably modified to accommodate discussions and the needs and interests of workshop participants. 

Since this workshop will now be conducted online, participants should have access to a desktop or laptop computer and/or a webcam with mic in order to engage with the facilitator and peers.  A small list of inexpensive or easily obtainable supplies may be shared ahead of the workshop.  As much as possible, the instructor would like participants to join in the guided lab activities in their own home locations.

The goals of the four-day session are to assist participants with:

  • Examine Free-Response Question prompts and scoring guidelines.
  • Analyze content delivery tools and pedagogy for the AP Biology curriculum.
  • Evaluate inquiry lab protocols and develop experiments that fit into individual participant’s courses and budgets.
  • Determine methods for student recruitment and retention

Participants should bring the following:

  • Flash drive
  • Laptop and/or tablet
  • Writing Utensils
  • Calculator

Course Outline (Subject to Change):

Agenda for the Week:

  • Review and apply Science Practices, including performing statistical testing, in a laboratory setting
  • Integrate Science Practice Skills and Content
  • Review the Course Framework, AP Classroom, and the most current exam
  • Investigate and practice ways to scaffold and spiral Science Practices and FRQ’s
  • Course/lesson planning


Karen Davis Karen Davis has been an AP Biology teacher for more than 20 of her 35 years in education, most recently at Canyon High School in New Braunfels, Texas.  She taught in El Paso for 20 years and worked 1 year at Region 19 in El Paso with the Mathematics and Science Partnership.  She collaborated with the rural school science teachers around El Paso to provide professional development opportunities within the context of the classroom.  She has been a member of Comal ISD’s Teacher Leadership Collaborative, helping to provide quality professional development to the teachers in the district.  She h