AP® Biology

This four-day workshop allows teachers to become familiar with the AP Biology Curriculum Framework, the re-designed AP Biology Exam and the exam grading process. Participants will gain firsthand experience in the set up and delivery of many of the recommended labs that support the revised curriculum. In addition to these laboratory activities, instructional strategies for presenting and assessing the curriculum will also be addressed.

Participants should bring the following:

All participants will need to bring a lap top.  Most participant materials will be digital. 

  • Tablet Device
  • Electronic copy of a favorite activity
  • Flash drive

Course Outline (Subject to Change):

Day 1

Morning Session
• Session Overview and Introductions• Introduction to Inquiry
• Enzyme Lab
• Set Up Transpiration Lab

Afternoon Session
• Processing Enzyme Lab
• Osmosis and Diffusion Pre-Lab• Osmosis Lab
• Energy Transfer

Day 2

Morning Session
• The AP Biology Curriculum Framework• Natural/Artificial Selection
• Bacterial Transformation Lab
• Restriction Enzyme Lab

Afternoon Session
• Cell Respiration Pre-Lab
• Respiration Lab
• Restriction Enzyme Post-Lab
• Cell Communication (Nervous System)

Day 3

Morning Session

  • Population Genetics

  • Converting Traditional Labs to Inquiry• Mitosis/Meiosis/Karyotypes/Sordaria• Attributes of the AP Biology Exam

    Afternoon Session (BLAST)
    • Phylogenetics
    • Chi-squared Analysis (Genetics)
    • Preparing students for Free Response• Scheduling and Pacing
    • Transformation Post Lab

    Day 4

    Morning Session
    • Photosynthesis Pre-Lab
    • Photosynthesis Lab and Post-Lab• Animal Behavior Lab Activities

    Afternoon Session
    • Transpiration Post-Lab
    • Summary of additional suggested labs• Sharing of best practice activities
    • Evaluations and Wrap-up

Fee: $565


Carol Leibl