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Celebrating 15 Years of Quality Educator Training

June 13 – July 28, 2016 at The University of Texas at Austin

AP® professional development courses from one the world’s premier research institutions. With a focus on teaching excellence and superior customer service, the University of Texas at Austin’s AP® Summer Institutes draws teachers and instructors from all over the globe.

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Austin, Texas

Learn what millions of visitors already know.  From museums to live music, there is something for everyone in and around the Forty Acres.


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It's hard to believe that APSI 2016 is halfway over! Our next three weeks of institutes include our first offering of AP® Computer Science, plus twenty other institutes, from AP® Art History to AP® Spanish Language for Experienced AP® Teachers to Pre-AP® Middle School Math for Experienced Pre-AP® Teachers and many other topics in between. View our full list of remaining institutes.